Our research into the DNA status of thousands of horses has generated huge amounts of data and allowed us unique insights into the genetic structure of the Thoroughbred population.

This has enabled us to make observations about how important performance genes are transmitted and to identify prominent genetic patterns relating to performance within the population.

Consequently, we have a wealth of data that can be applied to improve selection and identification of horses without the need to employ DNA assessments. This may not be as all encompassing as when DNA analysis is also used but has beneficial application in areas where cost may be an issue or where it may not be possible to apply DNA analysis easily, for instance at the sales or in situations where mass racing form or performance data are required.

EQdata – Genetic database information for individual horses
Using similar database information relating to inbreeding, respiratory genes and patterns of genetic complementation as those employed in the EQProfile analyses (excluding DNA tests), we can provide advice on breeding and racing suitability of horses at the sales and on the racecourse. A database assessment of a single horse or group of horses is provided in the form of a score and explanatory table.

… Fee: £95 GBP (plus VAT where applicable)*

Bulk data – Provision of existing or newly generated information
We provide non-confidential genetic data to ancillary racing businesses, for instance racing form and data processing organizations, for inclusion into their databases. We can supply existing data or we can tailor new datasets to suit. Because requirements and volumes vary, we are not able to provide a standard fee but request that interested parties contact us directly.

… Fee: Private

*There is a sliding tariff scale depending on numbers POA