With regard to breeding and racing, prices need to be realistic in the current economic environment. Our most detailed assessments including multiple DNA analyses with report and back-up are capped at a highly competitive £380 GBP per animal (excluding VAT).

EQProfile – Universal equine genetic profiling

We provide a series of DNA tests and genetic data that we combine in one package. These help to co-ordinate or identify genetic combinations in a horse that contribute to common speed, stamina and precocity objectives. That is, they help to produce or select horses that are more of a complete, targeted and uniform ‘package’ and reduce uncertainty and genetic variability thereby increasing levels of success within the most appropriate speed or stamina niche.

Our analyses include:

Assessment of respiratory/energy release genes: These genes are part of four respiratory energy-release complexes which are part of a wider metabolic cycle called Oxidative Phosphorylation (OXPHOS) that converts glucose into the energy rich compound ATP that provides the fuel for cellular respiration and energy release. These genes are carried by both mitochondrial DNA passed on by the dam and also on chromosomes from both dam and sire. Strong stamina and speed correlations exist dependant on combinations inherited by different horses.

Multiple marker cluster analysis: Using a large number of DNA markers we can graphically cluster horses into stamina, speed and relatedness groups with known animals of varying quality in our database. This gives us a better idea of the way in which they should be mated (to reinforce or adapt their stamina leanings) or raced and the racing and breeding potential of the progeny they might produce.

Determination of heterozygosity and homozygosity: Inbreeding is the best way of fixing consistent useful genetic characteristics but only if you can avoid duplication of the less desirable ones. Using DNA markers we have been able to determine that there is an optimum amount of gene duplication that occurs in the best performers. We believe that inbreeding is beneficial but only when applied under the right circumstances. Through use of DNA assessment we can obtain a clearer picture of how close this can be carried out and whether it should be avoided or increased.

There are 3 products based on the EQProfile for which there are individual set fees and to which discounts apply for multiple orders:

EQProfile Mare

Objective: Describes the genetic status of mares – her strengths and weaknesses and genetic leanings.

Conclusion: Provides a clear indication of a mare’s breeding value and the best stallions for mating choices and the likely effect on the stamina, precocity and performance level of the progeny.

Process: Application of our suite of DNA assessments and databases; a list of appropriate stallions and associated scores; a report explaining the findings; concluding advice.

… Fee: £380 GBP (plus VAT where applicable)*

EQ Profile Sire

Objective: Describes the genetic status of stallions – likely prepotency, breeding value and genetic strength and weaknesses.

Conclusion: Defines the types of mares that support specific stallions to greatest effect.

Process: Application of our suite of DNA assessments and databases; a breakdown of the preferred types of mare; a report explaining the findings; concluding advice.

… Fee: £380 GBP (plus VAT where applicable)*

EQ Profile Horse

Objective: Determines the racing and breeding value and suitability of horses in training or young stock for sale or purchase.

Conclusion: A clear indication of their potential speed, stamina, optimum racing distance, genetic co-ordination and overall racing and breeding performance level.

Process: Application of our suite of DNA assessments and databases; a report explaining the findings; relevant advice, as requested.

… Fee: £300 GBP (plus VAT where applicable)*

*There is a sliding tariff scale depending on numbers POA