Thoroughbred Genetics offers a wide range of DNA-based analyses, databases and reports to suit different objectives. Our services are based on direct DNA assessments of horses and/or database-derived information and are applicable internationally.

The services have universal appeal to: racehorse breeders; owners and trainers; bloodstock agents; ‘pin-hookers’; racing data processing organizations. We have single horse assessments but also provide larger scale products. Whichever service selected, we take pride in providing our clients, however large or small, with ongoing and full discussion of results and interactive support.

We realise that clients will want to discuss their requirements and for this reason, we do not have a standard sample submission form or order form. We ask that prospective clients contact us directly so that we may tailor our service to suit their needs.

DNA-Based Products

With regard to breeding and racing, prices need to be realistic in the current economic environment. Our most detailed assessments including multiple DNA analyses with report and back-up are capped at a highly competitive fee.

Data Products

Our research into the DNA status of thousands of horses has generated huge amounts of data and allowed us unique insights into the genetic structure of the Thoroughbred population. This has enabled us to make observations about how important performance genes are transmitted and to identify prominent genetic patterns relating to performance within the population.

Chromosomal Products

Through our associates based at the University Of Kent, we are able to arrange chromosomal karyotyping of mares. Sex-chromosome abnormalities are a leading cause of infertility and reproductive problems in mares. This service, using both standard and advance fluorescent (FISH) technology can help to determine and treat ongoing problems.

Priority Service Contracts

There are many instances where owners and breeders have an ongoing requirement for a combination of the services and analyses. They may need application throughout the year in relation to breeding, sales and racing animals. In actuality, they have an ongoing requirement for our services.For these organizations we provide fixed annual contracts that utilize all our genetic tools when needed.

Private and Bespoke Genetic Projects

Successful breeders and owners often have their own theories about what makes a successful racehorse. Using our own armoury of tests and databases together with broader genetic analyses we can help them to develop these theories and use the derived data to improve their racing and breeding results. We can even develop new tests for the ultimate exclusive use of a client. In short, we can provide private and tailored projects to order.

Stallion Breeding Programs

The tools detailed above also have application to the optimization of stallion breeding programs. Through applications of these systems to DNA and data from a stallion, we can help to prioritise nominations and visiting mares. This service is flexible and can be provided either in the form of a single recommendation or as an ongoing mare ‘screening’ program.